san felipe


San Felipe, Baja California is only a two-hour drive from the U.S./California/Mexico border. San Felipe has been targeted by the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico and FONATUR (National Trust Fund for Tourist Development), as one of the next international destination resort towns. Previously, when the Secretary of Tourism and FONATUR targeted Cancun, Ixtapa and Los Cabos, these once sleepy little fishing villages became world-class destinations. San Felipe is nestled between the majestic 10,000 foot San Pedro Martir Mountains, rich in thermal hot springs, trout streams, Jeffery pines, quaking Aspen and the beautiful Sea of Cortez, known for the finest in recreational water sports and fantastic fishing.

If you haven't been to the eastern shore of northern Baja, you're missing something special. Between the San Pedro Martir mountains and the tranquil blue Sea of Cortez is the fishing village of San Felipe (sahn feh-LEE-peh). It's a place of natural beauty just 120 miles south of the border at Mexicali/Calexico. It has sunny skies, gentle evening breezes, and bathtub-warm ocean waters that can reach 86-87 degrees in August. And for beachcombers, the 23-foot tides expose a half-mile of ocean floor. In fact San Felipe experiences third of the largest tidal bores in the world due, in part, to the Colorado River delta to the north.

The Port of San Felipe is a small town that has traditionally depended on fishing as their economic base. In fact, the fish taco was invented here, and now is served in many chain restaurants in the U.S.. In a little more than two decades the economic base has changed from fishing to tourism. You'll find camping north & south of town, as well as in town, a few hotels & resorts, many restaurants, and water sports.


The natural attractions of this area, its beautiful beaches of warm water during the spring, summer & fall, plus its temperate winter is the major draw for both Snowbirds (retirees who live part-time in Mexico) and weekend vacationers from southern California and Arizona.

The high tourism season seems to be October though May when many Snowbirds arrive sometimes for a month or more at a time. Early fall and late spring offer the best weather. About 2 hours southeast of Ensenada, the weather in San Felipe is usually about 10 degrees warmer than their Pacific coast neighbor. The average temperature year around is about 75F. San Felipe is located in a unique eco-system, where the desert meets the sea. The population of San Felipe is estimated at 20,000 people. This number can increase by up to 5,000 depending on part-time residents (retirees & vacation home owners) or popular weekends such as Spring Break or Memorial Day.