el dorado ranch
El Dorado Ranch is in Baja California, Mexico. With over 300 square miles of pristine land, El Dorado Ranch offers an ideal place to vacation or retire. Located near the town of San Felipe, you'll find everything from miles of white sandy beaches to 10,000-foot mountains.

By browsing this site, we will inform you how you can purchase a homesite and about how you can build your dream home with magnificent 180 degree views of the Sea of Cortez and the majestic San Pedro Martir Mountains. We will also show you how you can build that dream home from $65 a square foot.

El Dorado Ranch offers an incredible array of recreational amenities including a beach club, pool and spa, riding stables, tennis courts, seaside restaurants, and additionally an 18-hole championship golf course is under construction.


El Dorado Ranch offers hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine land for your enjoyment. We are fully committed to protecting the environment and utilizing environmentally friendly alternatives in the layout of our communities and construction. We have the largest solar community in North America and have pioneered the development of "Straw Bale" construction in home design. In fact, the first Straw Bale home in all of Baja was constructed at El Dorado Ranch.

So whether you come to visit us for a weekend or stay for a lifetime, you can be assured that you will enjoy an environment as stunning, as beautiful, and as diverse as it was meant to be.

Come enjoy this unique paradise and the wonderful Mexican/American hospitality that we offer. If you can't make it to El Dorado Ranch soon, then please enjoy this website, bookmark it, check back often or better yet attend one of informational dinners or let us send more detailed information and a CD-Rom.


History & location

Unquestionably the premier destination on the east coast of the Sea of Cortez in Baja is San Felipe. El Dorado Ranch is located around the city of San Felipe in Baja California Norte. It is about 120 miles south of the border. El Dorado Ranch, with its Beach and Tennis Club and an 18 hole championship golf course under construction, is 7 miles north of town while the original ranch itself, at 200,000 acres, surrounds the town.



Though sleepy, in comparison to its west coast counterparts, San Felipe has been a secret destination to those in the know. Activities for tourists are many and varied. They include world-class fishing, boating, hiking, swimming, wind surfing, sailing, scuba diving, parasailing, and dune buggy trips, with restaurants and nightclubs for evening enjoyment.

El Dorado Ranch runs along Mexican Highway 5 approximately 14 miles north and 25 miles south of San Felipe. It ranges approximately 12 to 15 miles to the west, including the Sierra San Felipe Recreational Desert Preserve. El Dorado Ranch is part of the upper Sonoran Desert complex, which is the most biodiverse desert complex in the world, with more animal, plant and sea life than any other desert complex in the world. It is part of the Upper Gulf of California Biosphere Reverve which is run by the Unesco Natural Biosphere Reserves Program. To the south of the city of San Felipe the Ranch includes approximately 2 kilometers of sandy beachfront land. To the west of the Ranch, within easy travel distance, is the Sierra San Pedro Martir. These mountains provide a dramatically different landscape, and topography from that of the Ranch. Picacho Diablo, the highest mountain in the Baja, rising to over 10,000 feet, is only 40 miles west of the El Dorado Beach and Tennis Club. The mountains offer pine forests, waterfalls, hot springs, ancient Native American sites, as well as mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes and Big Horn sheep.

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