Frequently Asked Questions about:
Baja California, San Felipe & El Dorado Ranch

1. Question: Can I own property at El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe, Baja California

Answer: Yes!!!!!! You can own property in at El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe, Baja California, by what is called Fideicomiso or a Real Estate Bank Trust, with title insurance issued by Stewart Title Insurance Company which gives you the same “bundle of property rights” (sell, lease, will, encumber and enjoy property) that is afforded property owners in the U.S. This right was granted by an amendment to the Mexican Constitution in 1993, which allows foreigners to own property, by way of a Fideicomiso, in the former Restricted Zone of Mexico (62 miles from the borders and 31 miles from any coast).

2. Question: What are reasons to consider owning property at El Dorado Ranch, Baja California?


Answer: El Dorado Ranch offers unprecedented beauty, a peaceful sea, snow-white beaches, majestic mountain views, 330 days of sunshine a year, a much lower cost of living, and ownership of property with Title Insurance near the Sea of Cortez. Baja California also has the advantage of being adjacent to California, the 5th largest economy in the world. In addition to the expanded business and commercial growth, many Americans, and especially Californians, have discovered they can own a seaside home at El Dorado Ranch for 1/3 of the price they would pay for a tract home in the US. You can build a custom home for only $80 per square foot as opposed to $150 to $300 per square foot in California.

3. Question: What additional reasons should I consider for owning property at El Dorado Ranch.

Answer: People are tired of the hustle and bustle of crowded cities. They are tired of too much crime, congestion, and pollution, but most of all, they are tired of too many people! Due to advances in telecommunications, fiber optics, and the Internet, people don’t have to live in the city or suburbs to work anymore. With a computer and a phone line, a person can live on the beach and do business in Southern California or Silicon Valley. This phenomenon called the “Fifth Migration” is revolutionizing the corporate world and fueling real estate booms in areas that were once regarded as vacation property exclusively. This phenomenon is having a tremendous impact on properties that are located away from traditional metropolitan areas. El Dorado Ranch has the largest wireless phone and Internet service in Mexico built by Sprint and Telnor.

4. Question: Why should I consider owning property in Baja now?

Answer: One of the major factors is “The Baby Boomer Market”…80 million of them are now getting older and are thinking about recreation and retirement. Five million “Baby-Boomers” turn fifty each year! Many “Baby Boomers” are purchasing property in Baja California; they are attracted to many recreational activities and retirement lifestyle. Due to the overwhelming demand of this segment of our population, it is having a dramatic effect on real estate prices in Baja.

5. Question: What are the advantages of retiring at El Dorado Ranch Baja California?

Answer: Mexico is the number one location when U.S. citizens retire abroad. This is due to the much lower cost of living and relaxed lifestyle. An individual can easily retire and live on $800 per month, including a housekeeper! El Dorado Ranch is an established master-planned community with over 1,000 homes already built with restaurants, private beach, tennis courts, swimming pool, 18-hole championship golf course (under construction) and 24-hour security.

6. Question: Are business and investors showing an interest in Baja?

Answer: Yes. Major Fortune 500 companies are investing billions of dollars in Mexico. “Latin America is the fastest growing market in our global economy. Southern California and the Baja California economies will soon be one integrated economy”. (San Francisco Chronicle May 20, 1999). Big U.S. investors are buying real estate in Mexico (Wall Street Journal February 5, 2003).

7. Question: What environmental measures are in place to protect El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe?


Answer: El Dorado Ranch originally encompassed over 200,000 acres. The master planned privatized seaside golf community consists of 35,000 acres, of which only 17,000 acres will be developed as part of the Upper Gulf of California Biosphere Reserve and Marine Sanctuary, which is run by UNESCO, who protects much of the plant, animal and sea life. The Mexican Government has implemented many safeguards as well to protect the environment of the Sea of Cortez, including bans on heavy industry and international commercial fishing. In addition, El Dorado Ranch has C.C.& R’s with provisions for strict height requirements (low rise) for residential and commercial construction and indigenous plant preservation. El Dorado Ranch is the only master-planned community in San Felipe that has all its environmental and governmental permits from Profepa (Mexican Government's Environmental Protection Agency).

8. Question: Where is El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe, Baja California located?

Answer: El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe, a short two-hour drive south from the California-US /Mexico border, offers a mild climate combined with miles of pristine beaches nestled along the Sea of Cortez. San Felipe is a very attractive retirement/recreational location, an easy drive for over 35 million people. El Dorado Ranch and San Felipe offer a myriad of recreational opportunities such as trophy sport fishing, boating, swimming, horseback riding, tennis, and soon an 18-hole championship golf course. El Dorado Ranch’s golf course is the first to be built in San Felipe and first to be built in a Biosphere Reserve.

9. Question: What kinds of services are offered in San Felipe?

Answer: San Felipe, just a short 6 miles away from El Dorado Ranch, offers all city services with a wide variety of restaurants, sidewalk cafes, nightlife, shopping, pharmacies, dentists, doctors, and a state of art trauma hospital, St. James Infirmary.

10. Question: What Mexican governmental programs are affecting San Felipe?

Answer: FONATUR (National Trust Fund for Tourism development) has designated San Felipe as one of 22 ports in Baja to be developed as part of a $1.9 billion program to attract tourism; called Escalera Nautica. In the past, when FONATUR designated an area to master plan, the results were world-class resort locations such as Cabos San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Acapulco and Ixtapa. All of these areas were transformed into world-renowned resorts and there was a tremendous impact on real estate prices. Many people say that San Felipe is the Cabo of the future, only better, due to the easy proximity from Southern California, only a short 2 hours away from the California-U.S./Mexico border.



11. Question: If I purchase a parcel at El Dorado Ranch, do I have to build right away and if I want to build, is it difficult to construct a home?

Answer: You don’t ever have to build, if you don’t want to. There is no time limit on building. It is extremely easy to build your dream home from only $55 per square foot. In addition to other contractors in the area, El Dorado Ranch provides a home construction division to assist you in with design and construction of your home.

12. Question: If I build my home at El Dorado Ranch, can I offer it as a rental?

Answer: Yes you can rent it out yourself, or El Dorado Ranch provides a rental program for your home when you're not using it.


We hope we have helped answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe, Baja California. In order to fully appreciate what El Dorado Ranch has to offer, please come down and look at this pristine seaside golf community for yourself. Come down for a weekend, you just might return for a lifetime!